Pioneering molecular diagnostics (MDX) for Fibromyalgia and a range of other medical and cognitive conditions. 


EpicGenetics (EpicGtx) is a leader in the field of molecular diagnostics.  We’re currently focused on the development, licensing, and commercialization of several promising sets of biomarkers, which can be used for early detection and monitoring of certain medical and autoimmune conditions and disorders.

Our current research efforts are focused on the development and licensing of lab-based and point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tools that are inexpensive, easy to use, and which bring significant clinical benefit by diagnosing:

  1. 1.Earlier and more accurately ... traditionally “hard to diagnose” medical conditions, including Fibromyalgia (FM), a “syndrome” that could affect as many as eighteen million people in the United States, alone -- and where: a.) most patients have to wait up to 4 years to receive an accurate diagnosis; and, b.) the suffering patient is typically dependent on complete medication reliance until they feel better or “learn to manage” their fibromyalgia.

We are

  1. 2.More objectively ... Fibromyalgia, where the current standard for diagnosis is reliant on ruling out other medical conditions, and ruling in a set of subjective measures associated with points of tenderness.

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